Consider Upping your Excel Skills for A Step Up in the World of Finance

Have you ever dreamed about a career in finance, or are you currently in the process of scaling the career ladder in the finance industry? Then you must already know that financial modeling is a key skill that most, if not all, corporates require of employees. Everyone from analysts to CPAs are required to have more than an easy working relationship with financial modeling software –” they are expected to master it.

In the early days, professionals in the financial world were expected to look at trends and analyze them to see what happened – speculation was still there, of course, but the science was not so exact. However, with data analysis today in the financial world, people are expected to produce knowledge that can affect strategy in minutes, or even seconds, with scenarios like high frequency trading. Turnaround time is so little as to be non-existent, and data analysis has to be as close to real-time as possible, if not faster.

What can help large organizations respond quickly to market changes in these circumstances is financial modeling. Without adequate staff to implement and keep updating a working financial model, or models, to deal with different market issues, organizations will find themselves lagging behind and unable to fully take advantage of market opportunities. In all of these scenarios, then, someone on a team with no financial modeling experience or skills is dead weight and a liability.

With such a high demand for practical competency in financial modeling, it is now necessary for anyone looking to enter the financial market, or already present in it, to have some level of expertise with software like Microsoft Excel. Though other financial software is also in use, most work is still done on spreadsheets.

There are multiple ways in which one can acquire advanced Excel training. Microsoft offers its own certifications, but they end up being relatively easy to get and not a true measure of someone’s Excel skills. However, other advanced Excel training and certification programs offer courses that are tailored specifically to suit individuals from different industries.

For instance, the advanced financial modeling advanced Excel course offered by ITBM teaches participants to develop sophisticated spreadsheet models using VBA language, build Excel spreadsheet models easily and efficiently, learn how to optimize current spreadsheet models, understand the limits of what a model can achieve to accurately make business decisions, and increase skill drastically in the realm of building more advanced financial and corporate models to suit specific organizational needs. All of these skills are necessary to get ahead in the world of finance, and can actually help you accelerate your career growth.

Want to know more? Check out the advanced Excel training modules available with ITBM today.

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