Steps for Writing a Quality Manual

ISO 9001:2015 requires a subtle and simple quality manual. Often most companies tend to create huge and unmanageable copy of the ISO 9001 standard. The biggest problem with such a manual is that it becomes difficult to read and understand it. The employees need something simple and condensed to save time. When writing a quality a quality manual certain steps have to be followed.

1) The scope of the System

The scope of the quality management system is supposed to be 1st section of the manual. This is placed to fin the limit of the management system. This has to be based on the scope placed on the ISO certificate which was already agreed upon with the registrar. This is basically an explanation on the function or purpose of the organization. The next part of the scope should be based on the requirements prescribed by the ISO 9001 for the specific functions of the organizations such as designing and production.

2) Documented procedures

The ISO 90001 standards require you to mention 6 documented procedures. But in certain organizations there could be more. The criterion for writing the procedure for any process is whether it needs the procedure to be written down to function. If the process completion requires it to be written down, then it has to be written down. If the procedures can be shortened in the form of flow charts which is easier and shorter, it can be added to the manual. In case it is a long list, the reference can be mentioned in the manual so that in time of need they can refer it quickly.

3) Description of the interaction

This is basically a simple flow chart used to represent all the processes and their interaction using arrows. In a quality manual such a simple flow chart will help the staff understand the basics easily. Although an in-depth flow chart can explain it better it is not needed.

A short quality manual is used as a brochure to explain the working of the organization as well as indicating that it follows the required standards as prescribed by the ISO to the future prospective clients. Usage of your organization’s quality policy and objective can help you stress how the organization can help the clients. Even an inclusion of the management structure using a simple flowchart can allow people to understand how the organization or company is controlled.

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