Common Causes of Shoulder Dislocation in Singapore

Of all body parts, the shoulder is one of the most frequently dislocated. Why is this so? The shoulder is probably the most active body part as it is attached to arms and hands that we use at almost every moment. It moves in all directions and undergoes lots of pressure. Most dislocations occur at the front of the shoulder though the dislocation can occur in any direction; backward, forward, downward, partially or completely.

It requires a strong force to be able to shift the shoulder bones out of their sockets, such as a sudden blow. Rotating your shoulder joints can make them pop out of the shoulder sockets. We have two types of dislocations; partial and full dislocations. The difference between the two is that unlike full dislocation, the partial dislocation allows the shoulder to be shifted back into its original position.

If you’re a Singaporean and are actively involved in any physical activities, whether labor or sports, this article is for you. You are at a high risk of experiencing shoulder dislocation. We look at the common causes for shoulder dislocations and treatments.


Who are at the Highest Risks of Shoulder Dislocations?

From the explanations above, it is clear that for a shoulder dislocation to occur, there must be lots of movements and spins. This description best fits young lads; teens or people in their 20s. this group is the most active, engaging in many physical activities, such as physical labors and sports. This, thus, exposes them to lots of risks and high vulnerability to shoulder dislocations.

The good news is that young people have vibrant and strong bones. So, in case of the occurrence of shoulder dislocations accidents, there is a high probability that you will be back in your normal form in np time. This, however, doesn’t imply that you should be careless. Take care of yourself and be cautious at all times.

Common Causes of Shoulder Dislocations

Traumatic Shoulder Dislocations

The traumatic shoulder dislocation is also known as high speed, and it occurs when your shoulder pops out at high speeds because of being subjected to vulnerable positions. This commonly occurs to the arm on your side. This injury in most cases occurs during falls or during football tackles.

Repetitive Ligament Overstrain

Often, people with loose ligaments in their shoulder have high chances of dislocating their shoulders very easily. The loose ligament may be a normal anatomy or alternatively the results of overstretching the shoulder joint repetitively. Certain sports require engaging your shoulders a lot and are the reason for overstretching of your ligaments. These are inclusive of tennis, swimming, cricket, volleyball and baseball among others.

Having loose ligaments makes it difficult for your shoulder to be stable. If this is the case for you, it is advisable that you undergo a rotator cuff strengthening program to help rehabilitate and prevent any further injuries. Your physiotherapist will advice you on the way forward.

Multi-Directional Instability

Some patients experience unstable shoulders due to genetic dispositions. The shoulders normally feel loose in a number of directions. This is known as multi0directional instability. Because this is a result of genetics, these patients rarely respond positively to surgery. The best option for them is to undergo a stabilization strengthening program.


The above-mentioned points are the main causes of shoulder dislocation. With this knowledge, you are better off taking good care of yourself to avoid such. Regardless, no matter how cautious you are, accidents occur. With this, visit an orthopedic clinic and have your shoulder examined by a professional physiotherapist.

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