Do You Know About a 5 Day PMP Course

For the fast moving world, the corporate strategies with respect to skills keep changing with the daily challenges. Every problem has to meet a solution and no two problems will be the same. So to gain knowledge, skills and required expertise in the Informational technological practices as well as to manage a project exceptionally well – the standards are needed to be met. Also, for delivering a client service in the most qualitative manner, it is therefore needed to gain international level skills for the clients who come from across the globe.

What is this course?

PMP certification – Project Management Professional course is a specifically designed certification course for all those aspirants who are required to tackle a project with ability and utmost management skills. The course completes upon giving an exam of PMP & PMI exams and clearing it. It helps in revising the knowledge on those areas of development and helps a smooth management throughout the project, from starting it to completing it. All this is done in just 5 days! Yes it is a 5 day course.

Outline –

The course concentrates on ten main concepts of PMP program that which comes handy on being back to job. It starts with the management of integration followed by scope of the project with the visibility. The time, cost and quality management sessions helps in dealing with estimation, development and control at every stage. Human Resource and communication sessions help in acquiring the right team and meeting the expectations. Risk and procurement sessions help on analysis of risk if in case occurred and strategically ordering the right procurement. Finally, the course completed with the most important of all the above on how professionally and ethically the entire course is managed without being distracted.

Details –

The entire duration of the course is for 5 days. It starts at 9 in the morning and ends at 5:30 in the evening. Funding is also available to professionals under various supports like SDF, NICF, WTS and SME The course fee for the international students is $2782. For permanent residents and professionals who are citizens of Singapore the fee is $2182. For the funding through SME the fee is $782. For those SME professionals eligible for funding of about 90% it is $782. If the funding is with WTS and of 95% the fee is $312. The course is available for both full time and part time.

Summary –

Every participant gets trained on all the key concepts, principles, practices and terms in managing a project. The review is integrated as well as structured with respect to the PMBOK guide that helps in gaining skilful knowledge over the areas of development. Learners with the grant from NICF are eligible to assessment and this course guides in meeting the criteria to clear the assessment.

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