What Is The ITIL Intermediate Service Lifecycle – Service Strategy Course?

ITBM is an IT and business management learning center located in Singapore. It imparts training and education for a variety of courses related to business management and management of services and operations of a business organization or enterprise.

Some of the courses offered by ITBM include NICF courses, Microsoft office, and adobe, cyber security and digital marketing, IT and project management and ITIL courses.

What is ITIL?

ITIL stands for IT infrastructure library and is a widely implemented system or practice in the field of ITSM or IT service management. ITIL provides a certain set of methods and practices to plan, support, deliver and identify different IT services in a business or any organization. ITIL is also studied in collaboration with other services and operations in a business in the form of different courses. ITBM teaches various ITIL Courses in Singapore.

What is the ITIL intermediate service lifestyle – service strategy course?

This course is an ITIL-affiliated course taught in ITBM Singapore. It is a four-day course taught to business professionals who have important roles in a business organization related to implementing, developing and managing IT services. By improving the IT service quality, the value of the business organization also increases. This course forms part of the ITIL intermediate lifecycle stream and the ITIL expert certification in IT service management.

The main objective of the ITIL intermediate service lifestyle service strategy course is to impart training and knowledge on the various industry practices associated with service strategy and service management. It uses a combination of theory material and practical or real life case studies to guide, train and educate candidates about the key concepts of this course. A certification examination must be taken by all candidates at the end of the four-day course to earn their certificate.

The course outlines the following subjects – introduction to service strategy, value of service strategy to a business organization, value and contribution of service strategy to all the lifestyle stages of a business growth module.

It also explains the four main principles of service strategy which are –

1. The capacity to choose a type of service strategy

2. How to implement the four P’s of service strategy

3. How to create value, define service quality and balance the use of warranty and utility together

4. How to use sourcing strategies and service economics to meet business goals

This along with various other ITIL Singapore courses can be studied at the ITBM learning center.

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